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So You Wanna Be A Coder

It's not as hard as it sounds. Follow the story of a graphic-designer-turned-programmer and see for yourself.

13 May 2019
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8 Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Ads – Hack Your Way to Massive Success on Facebook

Learn the pros’ secrets to getting the best ROI from your Facebook campaigns! by Daniel Nguyen, CMO & Partner of Aurora Digital     More and more people are spending money on Facebook Ads, leading to substantially higher CPM (Cost per 1.000 impressions) and higher CPE (Cost per Engagement). You pay more while achieving less. […]

3 April 2019
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How to Get More Customers in 2019

Are you struggling to get more customers for your business? I have consulted themed attractions, B2B businesses, education providers, consultancies & retail outlets, all these businesses have the same challenge of acquiring more customers. Here are some customer acquisition strategies I learned from my experience working in the marketing and advertising industry.   1. Focus […]

4 March 2019

8 Myths About Learning to Code

8 Myths About Starting to Learn to Code Recently, there has been a surge of people contacting me and requesting me to provide some answers to key burning question – be it on Quora, a friendly call, emails, you name it. What I realised is that there are so much misconception in the area of […]

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